Book Week

Next week (Week 6) is book week, with the theme, “curious creatures, curious minds” being celebrated by schools across Australia. Our classes will be sharing, creating and reading many texts connected with the theme and a selection of books will be on display in our Resource Centre. Mask making activities will be run throughout the week in the Resource Centre, along with a photo booth for our casual/dress up day on Thursday 27 August. Students will have the opportunity to parade their book week costumes in the courtyard on Thursday morning, and with parents/carers unfortunately unable to join in the fun this year due to COVID-19, we will upload a video of the parade to Seesaw for all to enjoy.

Yard redevelopment

The first stage of our nature play redevelopment works on our Western Oval will commence this Monday 24 August. This will include an upgrade of the existing sand pit space, with additional water course, bushland and interactive elements. The construction team from Climbing Tree will be accessing the area from both the Keynes Avenue double gates (next to the crossing) and the Diagonal Road car park, with the area immediately around the sandpit and on the western side of the early years building to be fenced off and secured for the next three weeks (weeks 6-8). We are anticipating handover of the completed works on Friday 11 September, just in time for our upcoming 60th birthday celebrations. 

Student wellbeing

Student safety and wellbeing is something that all of our staff take extremely seriously. While we are continually looking to improve our proactive support strategies and programs in this area, it also goes without saying that we respond to a number of individual issues and incidents on a daily basis. Clear and open communication is one of the most critical elements of our work in this space and we are committed to open and respectful on-going dialogue with all parents and caregivers. Whenever staff contact parents/caregivers to discuss student wellbeing or behaviour, the primary aim is to ensure everyone is on the same page. When students get a consistent message at both school and home about basic behavioural expectations, they are much more likely to make good self-management and social-management choices and develop the personal and social capabilities they need to contribute positively to our school community. Please talk to your children regularly about the importance of treating others the way they themselves would like to be treated and encourage them to speak with a teacher or trusted adult if they are ever feeling vulnerable or unsafe at school or home.

Warm regards,
Josh Vick – Principal