Chromebook Program

Our Schools program

At Largs Bay School we have a Chromebook program for Years 3 – 5 students. By 2024 all students in Years 3 – 6 will have their own 1:1 Chromebook. We aim to foster a sense of responsibility and personalised access to technology to enhance the students learning. By equipping them with their own device we are empowering them with a tool to communicate, inquire and collaborate.

The benefits of the Chromebook program are:

  • increased student participation due to better access to technology
  • increased student driven learning, students have more control over their learning
  • better student organisation with easy access to email, calendar and reminders
  • personalised learning; students can choose which applications they use to complete investigations and thinking and are able to store all their work on one device, giving them access to their learning anytime and anywhere
  • increased student responsibility, in caring for the device
  • a better connection with home and school
  • supporting and upskilling students in preparation for high school

Any queries regarding the Chomebook program can be directed to Mrs Julie McLennan, Co-ordinator via her email or by contacting the school on 8449 2000.